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Zhenia Gorban, musician, punk coffee consultant

“Eight years have passed since I left my home and stopped communicating with my parents. We never had anything in common, we hardly spoke, and we were never friends. It was the loneliest period in my life. It was the time when nobody understood me and never reacted to my thoughts or just simply ignored them. I felt like a fish out of water.

At some point, I gave up trying to tell about my interests and just decided to move to study in another city. There is no drama. I just accepted this fact with no pity or insult.

There is nothing terrible about loneliness. It is just a reserve of time and energy that you should direct to yourself.

It may feel like emptiness inside, but you should listen to it and ask yourself what you want to do without regard to the surrounding people.

And understanding it, you build a plan in your hand, and the right people enter your life on their own. When I found my way, everything went as usual and turned out only for the best. I found close people. With them, I am not afraid of anything. They became my family. These people support me at any time, and they will always be nearby.

A family is a perfect love where you give and don’t expect anything back. That’s the story about acceptance and care, attention one to another.

I have maintained myself since I was 18 years old. It all started with a part-time job in a small coffee booth near the railway. I have been working in the coffee sphere for seven years since that time. Now I am engaged in consulting people about coffee and opening coffee places. My job is concept, philosophy, team. It all worked out by itself. Two years ago, I was asked to help with one coffee shop, and since that time, I have participated in opening more than ten places.

It is a bit strange, and I am ashamed, maybe not really. I can’t overcome myself, and there is no attitude, more likely feeling. I don’t miss my parents, and I don’t call them. I can’t imagine us talking and me saying hi to them.”

Zhenia Gorban, musician, punk coffee consultant


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